Are you brave enough to tackle that big home project this winter?

I'm nervous, not going to lie. It's been easier to live with an outdated kitchen for years, rather than to dig into the mess of DIY renovations. Is there a big home project you've been putting off? This is the year to break new grounds, so we at Heartcrafted Home are trying just that and also are challenging you to be brave and take on that big project!

Here's the kitchen wallpaper we've been dreading to take down for years. I've never taken down wallpaper and knew it was a messy project, but also knew it would lead into more. There's a popular children's book titled If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. The story follows a pattern where once the mouse is given one thing, it leads to him wanting another. If you've ever done any home improvements, you can relate to one small project leading to more and more!

It was exhilarating ripping that first section from the wall knowing there was no turning back. We'll figure out each phase as we go from here. And the fun part of course will be decorating later with the Heartcrafted Home team!

I must say that wallpaper removal was not as hard as I thought it would be. It came off in two layers. The top red floral print was peeled in big sections by hand. Then, the paper underneath was sprayed with wallpaper remover and scraped off with a putty knife. It came off fairly easily and it was gratifying work to finish a section at a time.

I chose to start this project the same weekend we got a new puppy in the house. You might think that's crazy, but I knew the house would already be messy and my daughter and husband were both home all weekend to be with the puppy... so I figured I could use this all to my advantage. We at Heartcrafted Home are always trying to multi-task!

In Mark Twain's The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Tom persuades his friend Huck to paint a fence for him by making it look like fun. Here's my crew in action "having fun" with my wallpaper removal project.

It was short-lived once everyone discovered the hard part is getting above the cupboards! The puppy play time won out over the peeling of paper, but I had them involved for a bit. Overall, the removal was done in one weekend and the walls were clean. The wallpaper stripper made a huge difference so that we didn't even need to wash the walls after. (They did need some patching and sanding though.)

So here it is! We were brave enough to start! Now what?! As one thing leads to another, we're looking into new countertops and backsplash and resurfacing the cabinets. Luckily, a friend led us to some great local sources.

So many choices! We're learning about materials, colors, and of course looking at pictures galore! Our goal is to do a moderate update without breaking our budget. The leads from our friend started us with a great counter guy! We opted for a quartz counter that is actually pretty reasonably priced with him installing it. That's as far as we've gone so far. We're excited to see the counters go in and lead into the next step...

Is there a home project you're finally digging into this winter? Hearing from others helps inspire us to try more. Share some of your projects and pics with us! We'll give an update on the kitchen project as the counters go in.

Be brave and dig in! Need help with the finishing touches? Contact us at Heartcrafted Home to design something with you! We're Springing ahead to nice weather so keep checking our website for new products!


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