Kitchen Cabinets and Paint Colors: Phase Three of the Kitchen Project

Week three, we’re moving along with this kitchen project! Thank goodness because this week was a little more difficult to function around. The puppy discovered there's no doors on our cabinets! We’re ready to have things put back in place!

Last week we had the counters installed Countertops: Phase Two. We love them, but it was still hard to see the changes since the color was light like our old counters and the cabinets were still the same.

This week we started to see signs of a whole new look as the cabinets were painted. I was hesitant to paint over the wood cabinets, but my husband was persistent on this one. He found a local small business he heard great reviews about. I’m so glad I listened to him! Seeing the process this week has made the end results of the kitchen visible.

We hired Women at Work to resurface our existing cabinets. They came and took the doors and drawers off each cupboard. They took them to their warehouse to work on them and sent someone to the house to clean, prime, and paint the bases in our house. It took a week in order to allow time between coats.

Here are the bases with just a primer. It was the first glimpse we saw of how different the final kitchen will look. The painter came each morning to work on them. It’s amazing how they can paint so neatly and don’t even need tape! It was definitely a good choice to hire out for this instead of trying it on our own.

Picking out the colors took a lot! I spent hours on pinterest, youtube and paint store websites. I read, viewed, contemplated for many days leading up to this week. We knew we wanted some shade of white for the cabinets and a soft gray for the walls. It sounds easy, but I soon found that there are abundant choices for each of these colors. I learned about color hues, light, and tones very quickly. I researched color themes, then went to the store to bring home samples to see at all times of day and night. That really made a difference.

Here are the two pallets we finally decided upon.

I used the room pictures in the pamphlets for inspiration. Our first choice actually changed to second place once I held the chips against the counter and compared them at all times of day with different lighting. I thought I had my heart set to use Alabaster on the cupboards based on what I had read and saw on Pinterest. However, it didn’t go as well with my counters as my other choice. I learned to be prepared to be flexible. Even though you love a certain color, you have to go with the tones that compliment your environment.

I put out this pole for people to vote on Instagram. (Follow us on IG at heartcrafted_home and on FB at Heartcrafted Home) It’s difficult to tell since the pallets are so similar. Thanks to all that voted. We skewed the results a bit by voting ourselves but the final choice was for Pallet 1!

The cupboards are the white color. The walls will be gray and the island will be the darker color. I’m happy with the outcome from what I can tell so far. The doors and drawers for the cabinets will be installed this week and we will paint the walls.

Here’s the results of this week's progress. I really like the colors and am looking forward to seeing the walls and cabinets complete next week!

Until then,


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