Think outside the box for easy seasonal decorating!

Do you like holiday decorations but wonder how you'll store them off season? Do you have little space in your home to display decorations? We hear you! We like to keep holiday items organized. Some of them only come out for their particular season, but we like to have some that can serve multiple purposes. For those of you that answered "yes" to the questions above, this post offers an easy way to keep your home looking good each season using little space and requiring no storage.

A centerpiece box is a versatile accessory for any home decor. Centerpiece usually signifies a table decoration, but if you think outside the box (pun intended!), there are endless options of how to use a simple box. We find them useful in just about any room in the house. From the dining room table display to the kitchen counter to hold plants, utensils or condiments. In the living room to hold remotes and gaming tools or in the bedroom to hold hair accessories. They can even be used on the bathroom counter or toilet for soaps, towels and other toiletries.

No wonder we like wood boxes and tins so much! What alternative uses can you think of?You'll see many of Heartcrafted Home's designs on our website at Can you imagine a design you'd like for your home? Let us know and we can make it.

The purpose of this post is to offer a solution to small spaces, so here's a super easy way to use a box year round. Check out this simple white box filled with Easter eggs and greens. The fill inside can easily change for any season. One small box offers endless options of decor. Choose without words and the box is ready fo anything. Choose words in a removable vinyl like shown below for an added festive touch. After the holiday, simply remove the words and order other words from us that are suitable for the next holiday/season/occasion and voila! One box can fill your home with fresh seasonal decor all year!

Not sure you like the removable vinyl? Here are examples of painted or stained words and images. These are permanent, but can you think of all ways to utilize these in your home to last longer than one holiday?!

And finally, if you like the look of galvanized tins, here are even more options!

So even if you don't have space, don't let it stop you from keeping things fresh with seasonal decorations. Heartcrafted Home helps you make the most of the space you have making your house feel like home. We can make custom order boxes, fill them if you prefer and even help change them each season if you don't like to do it yourself. Send us pictures of all the ways you use our boxes and think outside the box!

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